“We can’t thank you enough for getting us our Pratt & Whitney vendor code. Your efforts in the past nine months in introducing our company to Pratt & Whitney
Purchasing and Engineering personnel have enabled us to reach our ultimate goal - a direct business relationship with Pratt & Whitney.”

“Just want to let you know Greg how much we appreciate the inroads you have made for us at Hamilton Sunstrand and Rolls-Royce. Our sales have doubled over the past eighteen months. We appreciate the assistance and guidance you provided and the professional manner you displayed in negotiating these multi-year agreements.”

“On behalf of everyone in my company, I would like to personally thank you for reinstating our General Electric supplier code. You achieved in six months what we were unable to do the past fifteen years.”

Thank you for negotiating a $15,000 price increase on the purchase orders we received from ABC Company. The presentation you prepared, combined with your negotiation skill was instrumental in allowing us to recoup losses we sustained as a result of misquoting these jobs.”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for obtaining our Bombardier and Pratt & Whitney (P&W) supplier codes. We appreciate the persistence you displayed in the numerous trips you arranged with P&W/United Technologies personnel at our facility. The fact that they have not added a new supplier to their
base in 18 years in our industry, underscores the importance of your achievement.”