It is a pleasure to introduce my Company to you. As we turn to the new millennium, the aerospace industry faces unprecedented challenges. Consolidation in the aerospace industry, major aerospace companies reducing their supplier base, increased global competition, and continued demands to meet customer cost reduction goals have become standard challenges in the daily operation of our sales agency.

Now, more than ever, it is important to develop an effective sales strategy that addresses these challenges before time passes and market changes result in doors permanently closing on future opportunities.

At Target Marketing Associates, Inc., our focus is on increasing your market share in a cost–effective manner. Key to our success are the years I have spent developing customer relationships that provide immediate market access to our customer base, as well as the exceptional service we strive to provide to our customers through our local sales office.

Our experience and qualifications have proven to be successful in increasing sales. The companies we represent enjoy the benefits of increased sales, immediate market access, proven sales performance, and higher profit margins. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in achieving your future sales growth objectives.

Greg Reynolds
President and Chief Executive Officer


Target Marketing Associates, Inc. is a full service independent sales agency dedicated to increasing our clients’ sales in the following industries:


  • Aerospace 
  • Gas Turbine
  • Overhaul & Repair  
  • Defense
  • Power Generation
  • Medical


Greg Reynolds, President and CEO of Target
Marketing Associates, Inc., began his career at Pratt & Whitney and subsequently joined United Technologies at its corporate headquarters. At Pratt & Whitney/United Technologies, Greg held executive positions in Corporate Purchasing, International Business Development, and Customer Support.

As a former Corporate Purchasing Manager at United Technologies Corporation, he successfully negotiated millions of dollars in Long Term Purchase Agreements with senior level Sales and Marketing executives. His extensive background in Sales and Marketing, international and domestic contract negotiation experience, and established personal relationships within his customer base have resulted in a proven track record of delivering
exceptional sales growth for the companies he represents.