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Marketing Services for Manufacturers
Specializing in Increasing Your Sales

Target Marketing Associates Inc. is a full service manufacturers' representative organization with over 30 years experience dedicated to increasing our manufacturing clients’ sales in the Aerospace, Gas Turbine, Power Generation and Defense industries.

Ask Yourself The Following Questions

 1. Are you losing sales due to missed opportunities?  
 2. Is the overhead of a direct sales force causing you to lose business?
 3. Are you tired of being told, “Sorry we are not adding any new suppliers at this time?”
 4. Would you be interested in hiring a firm with first-hand knowledge and experience negotiating multi-million dollar contract with major customers?
 5. Are you serious about making an investment in hiring a professional sales team with proven sales experience?


If You Answered Yes to any of the questions above, and are serious about hiring a professional sales team with over 30 year's combined experience in the Aerospace Gas Turbine, Power Generation and Defense Industries -  E-mail us, call us at (866) 770-8601, or fill out the form below to have our expert Business Marketing Agents contact you about representing your company.




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